2019 pre-Legislative Session

Dear Constituents and Friends,

On June 3rd, the 80th session of the Nevada Legislature adjourned and over the course of the 120 days, more than 1,100 bills were introduced. 634 were signed into law by Governor Sisolak, 3 were vetoed and hundreds made their way through the three committees I served on: Judiciary; Commerce and Labor; and Education.

Like every session, this one had highs and lows with some good bills, some really bad ones and everything in between. Given the makeup of the legislature, there was a particular effort to play defense against bills that would be devastating to Nevadans and small businesses in particular. Much credit can be given to advocates and allies for working with all stakeholders to make bad bills better and get good legislation through, but there were still some losses and time will tell what the impacts will be on Nevada’s business community, education system, and our independent spirit. 

On the positive side, there were some successful efforts to:

  • Address access and affordability in healthcare
  • Bolster innovative growth through blockchain technologies and renewable energy generation
  • Increase efforts to fight sex trafficking and assist domestic violence and assault survivors
  • Reduce barriers to entry into the labor force and increase workforce development training opportunities

Jill’s Bills:

This session, I was extremely grateful to work on a variety of issues and thrilled that six of my bills passed and were signed into law! Stay tuned for more details in the future on each of the following bills, but for now, here is a glimpse of what we accomplished for Assembly District 25.

Workforce Development:

AB216 is a conservative approach to meeting the economic needs of students and working adults who are underemployed or just looking to upskill their careers. The bill accomplishes this without costing small businesses or taxpayers any additional dollars by directing the Nevada State Treasurer to provide a searchable one-stop shop database of available scholarships on the state website.

Occupational Licensing:

SB208 was a joint effort with Senator Mo Denis to reduce the number of hours required to obtain a cosmetology license and therefore making it easier for qualified individuals to get to work.

AB319 allows an individual to ask for a letter from an Occupational Board to advise if their criminal record will automatically disqualify them and if there are any possible remedies to be taken before they start an educational or certification program to pursue a licensed profession.

Public Safety:

AB316 takes the widely successful Sober 24 program from Washoe County, which has had a 99% success rate of keeping participants sober and safe on the roads with twice daily drug and alcohol testing, and puts the program into statute so Nevada can pursue federal grants to take the program statewide.

Human Trafficking:

AB166 creates a new penalty for “advancing prostitution” so prosecutors can charge a business owner or manager who knowingly forces employees into involuntary servitude and sex trafficking with a Category C felony. The bill also increases the penalties for individuals (pimps) living off the earnings of a prostitute to a Category C felony where force is used and a Category D felony where it is not.

Early Childhood Advocacy:

AB194 adds a medical or mental health professional to the Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council to advise on the expanded mission to promote and support increased access to and the delivery of high quality, evidence-based health services (dental, physical, mental/behavioral health) for families with young children. It also adds a layer of accountability by requiring the council to report activities and recommendations to the legislature on a biannual basis.

Wrapping Up:

As I reflect on the 80th legislative session, I am continuing to review what was and wasn’t accomplished and what needs to be addressed next. More importantly, I would like to hear from you on the issues you cared about most from this session and for the future. As your voice in the Nevada Assembly, I always strive to represent my constituents’ concerns and issues. 

Please reach out with your thoughts, questions, and ideas by emailing me directly at Jill@JillTolles.com . The input I received from the great men and women in my district was invaluable to my decision-making process and I truly appreciated the feedback on the bills that were most important to you. 

It is a tremendous honor and responsibility to represent the 64,000 men, women and children in Assembly District 25. It remains a great privilege to serve in the legislature and I am grateful for your input and support.

In Service,
Jill Tolles
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