Ready: Phase 1

Dear Constituents, Colleagues and Supporters,

Over the past month, I along with my colleagues have been pushing for a phased in approach to reopening our economy based on the consensus of medical, scientific, and economic experts.

  • On April 29th, our Assembly Republican Caucus published an open letter to Governor Sisolak on the need to work with the legislature on this path forward.
  • On May 6th, I had an extensive zoom call with KRNV covering my thoughts on the need for a special session to address budget shortfalls sooner rather than later and the importance of working with our counties’ Local Empowerment Advisory Panel to safely reopen.

Earlier today, Governor Sisolak announced that Nevada is ready to open Phase 1 on Saturday at 12:01 a.m. You can read the full set of guidelines for businesses, groups and individuals here.

  • Now open for dine-in, still encouraging curbside pick-up
  • Not allowed to exceed more than 50% of the restaurant’s occupancy
  • All employees must wear masks and patrons are encouraged to do so also
  • All tables and booths must be at least 6-feet apart
  • Standalone bars will remain closed
  • Bars and taverns that serve food can reopen, but bar area must remain closed
  • Reservations are highly encouraged
  • If waiting to be seated, patrons must wait outside

Salons, barbershops & nail salons

  • Must be by appointment only, walk-ins not permitted
  • If there are not partitions or walls between work stations, must use every other chair
  • All employees must wear masks and clients are encouraged to do so also


  • Encourage curbside pick-up and online shopping
  • Not allowed to exceed more than 50% of store occupancy based on applicable fire code
  • Open-air malls can reopen with strict guidelines
  • Indoor malls can reopen but only with curbside pick-up in place, shoppers are not allowed inside
  • Businesses must adopt measures put forth by Nevada OSHA

Summary of guidelines by Kenzie Margiott from KRNV.
Under NRS 414 , the Governor has the executive authority in a declared emergency to set the restrictions for institutions, businesses and individuals and the counties and local municipalities are empowered to enforce those guidelines. Although I am grateful the Governor incorporated many of our recommendations and we are beginning the process of reopening, I will continue to advocate for gyms, fitness studios, and other businesses not included in phase 1 to open with safety protocols in place and for further advancement into the next phases as we continue to successfully flatten the curve.
Over the past two months, I have been actively engaged, responding to questions and requests for assistance from constituents, researching issues, consulting with industry leaders and experts and working with my colleagues in the legislature to prepare for the long road to recovery ahead. I appreciate the thoughtful input of my constituents and members of this community as we face many complex impacts today and difficult decisions ahead.
Finally, I have been heartbroken over the outbreak at Lakeside Health and Wellness Centerin Assembly District 25, where over half of the deaths in Washoe County have occurred. I am diligently taking action with our state and county to address the need for additional PPE, staffing reinforcements and accommodations for employees and contract workers who need to self quarantine away from home. I will update you more on these efforts in another newsletter soon.
As the deaths of the 19 residents at Lakeside have reminded me, along with stories of friends who have lost a loved one or suffered from this illness, COVID-19and the impact on people’s lives in our community is real. Our efforts to social distance, wash our hands, work from home and wear a mask do matter in the fight to stop the spread of this virus. I follow these guidelines not only for the vulnerable individuals in my life but also for our community as a whole.
As small business owners with 120 commercial tenants in downtown and midtown Reno and employees on the payroll, my husband and I also experience the daily angst that has come with crisis. We are no more immune to it than anyone else feeling the weight of this impact on our economy and lives.
This fight to find solutions, to work through the complexities of balancing the health and economic impacts and to plan for the best way forward is a day and night effort. But through it all I have been deeply moved by the work of so many to come together in the midst of this crisis. Thank you for all your personal and public labors to contribute to our path through and out of this pandemic. I am grateful for you and honored to serve in Assembly District 25 at such a time as this. We will grow stronger through this together.

In Service,
Jill TollesAssembly District 25

Resource Links:

For up to date information at the Nevada state level on COVID-19, please go to .
For Washoe County Regional Information go to:
To submit information to the Governor’s Office of Economic Development on the impact to your business, go to:
For more information on  Unemployment Insurance and the  Federal CARES Act , go to:
To keep track of current testing results across our state go to the NV COVID Dashboard: