NV Leg. Halftime Update

Dear Constituents, Supporters and Friends,

Last week the Legislature passed a major milestone, the first house committee deadline. It is a hurdle that determines the fate of hundreds of bills. Of the six bills I introduced this session one is exempt and the other five successfully passed through each committee and are now heading to the Assembly floor for a vote by the April 20th first house deadline. I had a great discussion with Sam Shad on Nevada Newsmakers about the budget, education, mental health and Innovation Zones. To watch the interview, go here

In this 81st Legislative Session, I am serving on three committees: Ways and Means, Education, and Commerce and Labor. You can follow our meetings, bills and committee votes on the following pages:

Ways and Means Committee

Education Committee

Commerce & Labor Committee

Budgets are starting to close but we are a long ways off from final numbers as we are still waiting for the Economic Forum to provide revenue projections in May and direction on how we can use the Federal Relief funds. In the meantime we continue to work toward restoring some of the devastating cuts from the special and regular session. 

Here is a brief summary of Jill’s bills for this session: 

AB182 – Strengthens AB166 from last session to help police protect victims and crack down on businesses using their locations as a front for sex trafficking. This bill was a collaborative effort with a great deal of support, thanks to the Washoe County Sex Trafficking HEAT team, Las Vegas Metro Police, Washoe and Clark County District Attorney’s, Awaken, the Attorney General’s office, NV Truckers Association, Cosmetology and Massage Boards, the Retail Association, and the Nevada Resorts Association. (Passed 41-1 on 4/12). 

AB225 – Reduces barriers to teacher’s licensure for able and willing educators. This bill was inspired by an old acquaintance with an inspiring story and will help address our teacher shortage by empowering teachers with a unique ability to relate to students with disabilities to elevate the next generation. To watch the hearing, go here (starting at 1:20).  

AB367 – Bolsters both civics and economics education along with information literacy. This bill was brought forward with my constituent, teacher of the year, We the People Legendary Coach at Reno High and my daughter’s personal hero, Mr. Richard Clark. To watch the hearing, go here (starting at 4:20). 

AB366 – Protects patient privacy in certain mental healthcare circumstances. This bill is a necessary fix due to recent regulation changes and was brought to me by the Psychology Board. (Passed unanimously on 4/13). 

AB374 – Establishes the Statewide Substance Use Response Working Group to increase collaboration and evidence based responses between agencies and efforts across the state to tackle addiction prevention, treatment and recovery. Like many families across Nevada, we have experienced the loss of a loved one to drug overdose. No family should have to face this preventable and treatable issue and a better coordinated effort is much needed since Governor Sandoval’s Opioid Task Force ended. To watch the hearing, go here (starting at 2:35).

In Case You Missed It:

Nevada Newsmakers – I had a great discussion with Sam Shad on Nevada Newsmakers about the budget, education, mental health and Innovation Zones. To watch the interview, go here

Honoring Barbara Cegavske – The Nevada Republican Party Central committee voted 126-112 to censure Republican Secretary of State and longtime public servant, Barbara Cegavske over the erroneous allegations of election fraud. I, along with other Republicans immediately expressed our support for this leader who should be remembered by future generations for standing with grace and courage under fire. To see my Tweet, go here.

COVID Update

In Other News…

The building is opening! Now that vaccines were made available to all legislators and staff and with safety protocols in place, members of the public will now be able to make an appointment to meet with legislators starting Thursday, April 15th. For more information on setting up an in person or virtual appointment, please contact my attaché, Deb Paul at Deborah.Paul@asm.state.nv.us

For overall information on the Legislature and state government, laws, procedures, reports and useful links, I would encourage you to visit the Nevada Legislature Home Page. We really do have an amazing state and our Legislative Counsel Bureau has done an excellent job putting together this resource for our citizens.  

If you are interested in finding and tracking legislation regarding the issues you are concerned about, you can sign up for a Personalized Legislative Tracker and follow 10 bills for free. 

To follow proposed legislation, review the proposed budget, watch committees and floor sessions, go to: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/81st2021

To learn more about where to provide input on specific bills and present public comment remotely during hearings this session, please visit: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/App/NELIS/REL/81st2021/SessionInformation/Help

There are plenty of hot topics and legislative updates on a grander scale that abound. For the best primary source ways to see for yourself what bills are being presented, how the legislative discussions evolve and where the legislation is in the process, you can take advantage of all our legislative website has to offer or reach out to me directly at Jill.Tolles@asm.state.nv.us and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

There are a number of good reporting sources covering the legislative happenings daily. And then there are a number of blogs, newsletter campaigns and websites that have other agendas. One word of caution in today’s world of political spin… if it is designed to rouse your fear or anger followed by a “donate here” button… beware. If you have any questions about specific bills, votes or laws, I will always do my best to provide you factual information and I commit to keep it truthful, respectful and based on the best information I have available at the time. 

I always appreciate hearing from you on the challenges we tackle and the good, bad and the ugly bills that come before this body. It is an honor to serve this state and as always I appreciate your input and support. 

Civically Yours,

Jill Tolles, Assembly District 25